Some insights into the people on stage 3


On reaching Rio we had yet another people change! As with the first and second stage insights this is a very heavily censored e-mail with information on the people that joined. So you can keep track Anne-Marie, Jo, Caroline, Helen, Sam, Nicky, Doug, Mike, Paul, Alex and Moi were joined by Jenny (who seems to have fallen for Nico!) stayed on for the last stage of the trip.

People Updates

Me - I didn't run the bar I passed that privilege onto Anne-Marie and her mate Anne. Was quite boring this leg although I went skinny dipping in Santa Fe just before the trip ended. (Managed to get Helen's nickers off after nearly 6 months of trying!!)

Anne-Marie took over the bar and ended up with a Glaswegian (Andy) and a drinking problem.

Nicky and Doug are still in love and left the trip to chill out by themselves on the beach for a while. I wonder if I'll need to buy a hat!

Caroline and Helen have a new friend Diane. Caroline instigated the skinny dipping and Helen was half-hearted until her nickers were ripped off after which she joined in with great enthusiasm!!

Paul and Alex are still doing things that cannot be reported in emails. Suffice to say that they have both been going commando for the final stage of the trip!

Nick has finally worked out where we are going but had some difficulties getting us there by having a little accident in the truck. Although he never wore his badge he remained true to its slogan (see Insight into people on stage 2) until we went skinny dipping in Sante Fe (say no more!)

Nico has remained gung-ho and when looking at everything that has happened over the three stages we have decided that he is actually action Nico and has an outfit for every situation. We saw him as Biker Nico, Climber Nico, Rafter Nico, Gaucho Nico and Diver Nico I'm thinking that he could be an alternative for Ken!

Jo remained sensible despite all attempts to make her otherwise

Sam wasn't an administrator this leg so didn't really do any organising but she was still very organised.

Mike has come into his own and suffice to say he scored in Salvador (needed to get his blood pressure pills) and again in Caracas. I think Mike decided he should just go for it and to hell with the consequences.

Jenny rejoined us after 3 weeks so she could be with Nico (Ahhh!!)

New People in no particular order.

Anne - Scots bird that is a small package of energy. She actually managed to get some people (not me!) doing circuit training!!!

Ros(alind) - Is a very nice Australian bird she keeps wearing these T-shirts saying 'you can look but not touch' so I did (look that is!).

Diane (Princess) - A young (22) scots girl who teamed up with Caroline and Helen has been the brunt of a number of Alex's pranks. She's a very nice girl and keeps going 'oooo!!' when we drive over bumps. Needless to say Alex made something of that!

Tony - Long haired chap into photography to the extent he has a spirit level that clips onto the camera. Its odd how some photos look crooked even when you know they are not! Tony was the unlucky sod who broke his arm during a frisby competition so he had a bit of a bum trip and ended up going home early.

Andy - Glaswegian with great sense of humour. Scored with Anne-Marie (not that he needs a sense of humour for that)

Kris and GArth - A nice couple who travel around a lot, bird spotters but not twichers, and seem to have been everywhere in Asia and South America. As vegetarians they did have some difficulty (well a lot actually) with the meals as in South America you can't really get a meal without meat of one sort or another.

Skinny Dippers

Anne-Marie, Anne, Caroline, Helen, Ros, Nicky, Andy, Paul, Alex, Nick and myself. It is worth mentioning that this jape caused some difficulty with a bar owner who was so inscensed that the next morning the police popped around to deal with his complaint. They however did absolutely nothing when Nick went and reported that he had been mugged and that he thought the mugger had a gun! What does that say about how things work in Venezuela!!

Now I'm back I'll tell you more about these people and what we did but as before Claire stilled seemed to know most of the gossip before I did and I was there!!.

Anyway, must sign off now - Bye

Thinking of you always (NOT!)
Matt back home in the UK (bummer !!!)
Telephone: now turned on