Just emerged from the jungle


Just a short note to maintain the correct levels of jealousy and to let you know that Claire and I have just retruned from a few days in the Jungle.

After leaving Quito (that's in Ecuador for those not paying attention) we travelled south to a place called Banos which has an active volcano on orange alert and chilled out for a day or so. On leaving Banos we travelled south through Ecuador visting some interesting places and camping in some even more interesting ones.

We crossed over into Peru and made for Lima where we flew to Iquitos (the largest city in the world with no road access!) and spent 4 days in the Jungle. Caught some Pirana, saw loads of birds and got eaten by every type of Mosquito you can imagine (they have some big buggers here!!)

Due to fly back to Lima today and then onto see the Nazca lines and Cusco where we are walking the Inca trail.

Anyway, enough for now will email again and give you more updates.

Thinking of you always (NOT!)
Matt somewhere in South America !!!
Telephone: switched off