Return from Machu Pichu


After returning to Lima from the jungle Claire and I started the journey to Cusco and the Inca Trail. On the way we visited Nazca where we took an airplane to view the lines. I must say they are quite spectacular and its odd how people could create such things without ever really being able to see the whole thing. Mind you the alien thory is a bit strong. I reckon they built platforms so they could see what they were doing. Anyway no matter how they did it the lines are a wonder.

From Nazca we drove through some amazing scenery and rough camped to Cusco where we had a day to chill out and sych ourselves up for the Inca trail.

We left Cusco on the Sunday and went on a tour of the sacred valley to see some Inca ruins. These were quite spectacular and the engineering required to build some of the buildings is amazing. We stayed overnight at a place called Ollallatambo (or something like that) and started the Inca trail the next day.

The trail is quite hard but we both survived. The weather for the first three days was good for walking. Sunny but not too hot (unlike the UK, I hear). On the final day we were woken at 4am to start trekking at 5 so we could reach the sun gate for sun rise. Well, that was the day the heavens opened. It fairly pissed down all day and if there was a sunrise we díd not see it!!

Once through the sun gate Machu Pichu was there below us (well under cloud) or so we were told. Fortunately the cloud cleared by the time we had walked from the sun gate to the city proper so we did see it in all its glory (but not in sunshine) The city is awesome and they are still finding stuff- Recently they turned up twoi mummies and some gold artifacts (a mirror and a bracelet I think)

Anyway back in Cusco for a couple of days R&R before making our way to the Coca Canyon and the condors, Lake Titicaca and on to La Paz in Bolivia were we do more stuff.

Anyroad must sign off for now. Take care.

Thinking of you always (NOT!)
Matt somewhere in South America !!!
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