Into Bolivia


Have just got into Bolivia and am in La Paz (the highest capital in the world). After finishing the Inca trail had a major blast in Cusco (5 hours sleep in 2 days) where I discovered to my surprise, and pleasure, that there is life in the old dog yet!

From Cusco went to the Colca Canyon and did some Condor watching then trekked down the deepest canyon in the world. Downside to that was having to get back up (1000m straight up). After catching the night bus to Arequipa and getting about 6 hours sleep left to do a two day trek of the volcano El Misti (5825m). Bloody hard work that was but well worth it.

The first day`s trek was around 6 hours walking to base camp at 4500m from the road head at 3300m. The next day started at 2am!! and was a really long one. Going up the last bit and coming all the way down really takes it out of you. Mind you as some of the descent was on scree (well lava= slopes it didn`t take half as long as going up!

Another night ride to Puno saw us getting on a boat at 8am to explore lake Titicaca. Visited people living on reed islands and stayed overnight with a family on one of the islands (different experience to camping or a hotel).

From Titicaca said goodbye to Peru and hello to Bolivia. Arrived in La Paz last night and had a great evening ($10 for a meal and all you could drink) with dancing until late. Chilled out today with a city tour. Tomorrow is full on again with a mountain cycle ride down the most dangerous road in the world after which we leave La Paz and move on to the Alto Plano, Pososi and then Chile.

Anyway off to lie down for awhile. Hope all is well.

Thinking of you always (NOT!)
Matt somewhere in South America !!!
Telephone: switched off